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The Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehabilitation (B.C.R.R.) was established in 1991 by Lynn Eves, to meet the needs of injured and displaced Birds of Prey in the local and surrounding areas of Lambton County. It has grown to include Loons, Herons and some Waterfowl. Each year birds are brought to the centre needing specialized care, housing and treatments for both medical and nonmedical conditions mostly the cause of conflicts with humans and the environment they compete with to survive in.


Come join us for a pancake breakfast

We are having a summer, yummy, fundraiser with prizes, games and food!

PLEASE help us raise money to care for the many Birds of Prey that come through our doors injured or displaced.

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Meet Erieau

"Erieau" is a Ferruginous Hawk cared for at BCRR, banded by Hawk Cliff banders and transmitter placed on her by Birds Canada to track her journey.

Stu Mackenzie writes:

She was found near Erieau, May 3rd after a run in with traffic, and was taken to the Bluewater Centre For Raptor Rehabilitation. She recovered quickly and on May 20, along with colleagues from Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders and Birds Canada, we banded her and outfitted her with a cellular-GPS tag kindly donated by Cellular Tracking Technologies. This is part of a long-term study of tracking the movements, behaviour and survival of vagrant and rehabilitated birds.

Erieau spent the first couple of days after release within 40 km of her release site near Wyoming, Ontario before B-lining exactly back to Erieau where she was originally found. She then moved onto Leamington, and spent the better part of a week exploring Essex County in extreme SW Ontario. Yesterday, excellent weather conditions and a south-west breeze assisted her greatest flight yet taking her from Windsor to Saginaw, Michigan.

A summary her story can be found here -

And a map of her movements available here:

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