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Tymmsart is a new venture by wildlife artist Howard Grant Timms to help support wildlife rehabilitation efforts. Timms began his wildlife art career in the late 1970s. His work was featured in a number of galleries and shows, including WWF auctions, the Buckhorn Festival, the Art Loft in Peterborough, and the Burdette Gallery in Orangeville. Now in retirement from an academic career and teaching at Trent and York Universities, he has returned to his first love. Though he had worked in oils, his new work is a combination of digital painting with traditional methods, wherein digital painting is used in several semi-transparent layers over original oils and drawings (pencil, coloured pencil and pastel).  Original works are the size of the largest prints available. Giclée prints are produced from high-resolution scans (up to 800 pixels per inch) in various sizes. The prints are available on acid-free art paper or stretched canvas. 10% of proceeds from print sales will be donated in the purchasers name to wildlife centres, including the Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehabilitation! 

To find out more, view more of Howard's beautiful art and purchase a print, please visit

Final Great Horned Owls in flight + perched cp partial + painting 70%  new 2 best 2  a 5 x

"Great Horned Owls"

Brown Morph Screech Owl final 4 x 6 250 dpi.jpg

"Brown Morph Screech Owl"

Northern Hawk Owl 5 x 8 rev 2 250dpi.jpg

"Northern Hawk Owl"

Grey Ghost on a Post cp 4 x 6 250dpi.jpg

"Grey Ghost"

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